New Breed Art is an art initiative launched by Phatshoane Henney Attorneys to promote and develop emerging artists and provide a platform for such artists to showcase their talent, promote and share their work, and generate income from their art. Visit the New Breed Art website for more information on the New Breed Art Competition and participating artists. 

The New Breed Art Blocks is a further initiative flowing from the New Breed Art Competition aiming to provide additional opportunity to New Breed artists to gain exposure, create a following and earn income.

The New Breed Art Blocks make the collecting of quality art more accessible by making it easy to shop online, buy and have it shipped to your door. The consistent format and standard cost structure of each New Breed Art Block makes the buying and collecting of original art an easier decision, allowing focus on the art and what you like and not on the price tag.

The form of the New Breed Art Block enables it to be used as a standalone work of art, a gift, or as part of a growing collection of art blocks, making the New Breed Art Block an ideal and lifestyle-friendly art choice for the novice collector, designer, corporate art supporter, or art aficionado. A New Breed Art Block represents great investment value as each New Breed Art Block is original and authentic art produced by upcoming artists.

Our New Breed Art Blocks are handmade by our selected New Breed artists and curated by our panel of experts before being placed on our online store. Each purchase of a New Breed Art Block is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity for your New Breed Art Block to verify the authenticity of the work you have purchased.

Browse our growing collection of New Breed Art Blocks, view our various artists, check out our latest products and buy your favourite pieces. And remember, a New Breed Art Block can also be purchased and sent as a wonderful gift.

Our New Breed Art Blocks are shipped in a custom box for each block. You can elect to pick up your block with us or have such shipped to your address of choice.

Unfortunately, for now we only allow purchases and shipping within South Africa. Should you wish to purchase and ship internationally, please contact us and we can arrange for purchase and shipping quotes.