Belinda van Zwijndrecht

Belinda van Zee (van Zwijndrecht) is a South African singer-songwriter, guitarist and visual artist. Born in Johannesburg, raised in the Free State with a brief stay in Namibia. Belinda completed her fine arts (BA FA) degree in 2001 at the UFS. She has recently become part of the Free State Art Collective (FSAC).

Investing her time as a visual artist and musician, Van Zwijndrecht has many opportunities to travel and work in diverse surroundings, like theaters or festivals and small communities in and around South Africa. She works from her home studio, the Gallery House in Bloemfontein, where she produces her visual art. She and her colleagues also work from here to help develop aspiring artists and musicians from all walks of life.

Van Zwijndrecht's art brings forth social commentary about power dynamics, gender politics and other social human behaviour or expectations. She works with multi/mixed media, oil paint, photographs and digital media. Van Zwijndrecht is fascinated by the effects that transformation and technological advances have on human behaviour and psychology, as well as the effect we humans have on nature. 'We are Props #1 & #2' was part of the FSAC's first curated exhibition at the Vrystaat Art's festival 2019.

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New Breed Art Block by Belinda van Zwijndrecht.
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