Cari Niehaus

Cari Niehaus is completing her BA Fine Arts as student at the University of the Free State and commencing her Masters of Fine Arts at the same institute.

She is interested in psychology, languages, science, biology, different cultures and nature. She grew up on a farm, and from an early age was fascinated and awed by nature’s beauty. She is also aware of the reality of the South African situation, and this element is seen throughout her art.

To her "art is more than just something decorative, but something that speaks to the soul, that informs, that changes the way someone thinks for the better, that is enough motivation and purpose for the act of creating art itself.”

She is still young and not yet established, but would like to pursue a full-time career in fine arts, for she believes that art has a voice - and what a humble privilege if it was to be heard through her.


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Flower and Fruit (Commencement)

New Breed Art Block by Cari Niehaus.
R1 999,00

Seed and Succession (Continuance)

New Breed Art Block by Cari Niehaus.
R1 999,00

Thorn and Terminus (Conclusion)

New Breed Art Block by Cari Niehaus.
R2 200,00