Contamination I

New Breed Art Block by Anri du Plessis.
Artist: Anri du Plessis
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Created during a period of uncertainty, where no one is safe from being contaminated with the Covid-19 virus, I realised that for as long as I've lived, we've had viruses, bacteria and other infections around us. We have just not been as aware of it as we are now. For many years we have touched our faces, licked our fingers and stood next to a coughing person, without blinking.

I use the doily as a "cover" in a vessel to show that although it looks pretty, we are unaware of the danger that might be lurking underneath.

The golden doily used, distracts us from the danger and 'beautifies' the dangerous situation. What is the doily covering up? And is it covering up (disguising) anything at all? 

With Covid-19 we have been made aware of invisible dangers, just like the doily is making us aware of something invisible underneath.

Products specifications
Dimensions 200mm x 200mm x 37mm (WxHxD)
Material Wood base
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