Folds in the soul 1

New Breed Art Block by Cecilia Maartens.
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Folds in the soul 1 to 4 are presented individually, but could also be presented as a tetraptych, or coupled as triptych or diptychs.

The four oil paintings titled Folds in the soul 1,2,3 and 4 respectively, were inspired by the Deleuzian concept that thoughts are “folds in the soul”, as explained below:

The folding and enfolding capability of fabric, described by Andrew Graham-Dixon (2016: online) as the “flow and rhythm” of drapery, has been a mode of aesthetic expression of intensities since antiquity.

[Anneke Smelik (2014: 42) writes “Already in 1436, Alberti described in his short treatise On Painting how the folds of drapery, gowns and dresses indicate not only movement and the display of mastery over the materiality of paint, wood or marble, but also that the folds, pleats and drapes create a sphere of agitation, drama, sensation and the expression of pure emotion.” ]

It is through this distinctive figure of the fold that Deleuze’s (1988: 118) concept of “to think is to fold” could be assimilated. He interprets the world further as a body of infinite folds and surfaces that twist and weave through compressed time and space.

Maartens-Van Vuuren, Cecilia HSource:. 2019. Roots rhizomes and radicles: critical reflections on memories and the voyage of becoming: p.73

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Dimensions 200mm x 200mm x 37mm (WxHxD)
Material Wood base
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