New Breed Art Block by Shenique Roux.
Artist: Shenique Roux
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In my artworks I deal with the mental issue of anxiety and how it goes hand in hand with OCD. I personally suffer from both, using my OCD tics and compulsions to minimise the risk of experiencing anxiety. I attempt to control all situations, planning out what should happen, as well as how and when it should happen. I have found this to have come forth in the way I produce artworks, which should actually be a free-flowing process. In my artworks I have challenged myself to let go of my vision of the end product, creating an illusion of control where I change certain factors to my liking yet still have no say in how the artwork will look once completed.

The lines created in the artworks mimic and bring forth the feeling that is experienced during anxiety, the repetition of overwhelming thoughts, rocking back and forth movements of the body as well as the heart that races and the shaking hands.

I want to portray the experience of anxiety that has been misconceived by society as someone that is just stressed. And I do this by portraying it in a visual matter through the repetition of lines that I had no control over, referring back to my own source of anxiety, giving up control or the lack of control I have of a situation.

Products specifications
Dimensions 200mm x 200mm x 37mm (WxHxD)
Material Wood base
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