Michele Nigrini

Born in Pretoria, Nigrini has numerous qualifications in Fine Art, including a Masters of Fine Art obtained in 1993 at University of Pretoria.  Nigrini has taken part in numerous group exhibitions, art festivals and own solo exhibitions. 

Michèle attracted nationwide interest in 1994 when the Rupert Art Foundation bought all of the available work on her first Solo Exhibition, including her Master’s degree installation ‘Kleursimfonie’ consisting of more than 300 A4 sized paintings.  The Rupert Museum in Stellenbosch re-hung this installation in 2015 and ‘Kleursimfonie’ was on exhibition until May 2017

Michèle believes that art is a medium for the elevation of the spirit, yet remains rooted in the experience of everyday life.  Her aim is not to copy nature, but to interpret the essential character of things, submitting it to the spirit of the place. Her approach is based on visual sensations, and markmaking is the most fundamental element in her art - a scratch of charcoal, a line of ink or a splash of colour is how she expresses emotion, movement, the essence of her theme. She plays with different mediums and draws with different objects. The outcome is never predictable, and the theme is always just a starting point. Recently she started the #cameraroll series capturing the characteristics of people, places, moments in the daily snapshots recorded on her phone.


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Just hanging

New Breed Art Block by Michèle Nigrini.
R1 999,00


New Breed Art Block by Michèle Nigrini.
R2 200,00


New Breed Art Block by Michèle Nigrini.
R2 200,00