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New Breed Art Block by Xola Sello.
Artist: Xola Sello
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The African Fish Eagle is a proud and noble bird which hails from the South African environment and is also indigenous to set plane.

Is it an icon anymore? Well, seemingly, like long-time other South African icons such as the Cape Sparrow and the Blue Crane, just to name a few, it has also fallen victim to the monopolising of South Africa's currency and value.

This artwork portrays the African Fish Eagle flying away with the fish it was kept with years and years ago on the country's coin (two cent) that has lost value at first.

Rather than possessing its noble and prestige visage (king/queen on its own), it has lost its individual demeanor as being noble. It is no longer known for ts uniqueness and being described as "The African Fish Eagle", but it is depicted as any other eagle, an American Bold Eagle to be more precise, as it is the most often spotted eagle in the world after all. 

The African Fish Eagle seeks its own salvation from being grouped together with the Bold Eagle, stuck in the valueless currency of South Africa, and is therefore breaking free from that which binds and restricts it - venturing forth to greater heights.

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Dimensions 200mm x 200mm x 37mm (WxHxD)
Material Wood base
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