Reflections on the smiley

New Breed Art Block by Lana Combrinck.
Artist: Lana Combrinck
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Reflections on the smiley reflects on the emoticon as a mask that we put on, a performance that we take part in, in which we play a role, put on a fake smile to present ourselves as someone that puts on a general face of how happiness looks like. These elements are present in the artwork through the use of different layers such as the photo of the artist's emotionless face printed on a sticker vinyl and acrylic paint that’s applied onto the photo, transforming the face into a performed happy, but also distorted emotion. These layers become like masks that the viewer needs to peel off to get to see the artist.

By viewing Reflections on the smiley the viewers are looking at a photo and a painting of the artist that is on top of a mirror. In the process the viewers see their own reflections alongside that of the artists in the mirror. This creates a sense of self-awareness as the viewers become part of the artwork and are also put on display. The viewers' faces also become distorted, fake and not their own.

Products specifications
Dimensions 200mm x 200mm x 37mm (WxHxD)
Material Wood base
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