Resurgence 3

New Breed Art Block by Louis Krüger.
Artist: Louis Krüger
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Society has the tendency to ascribe an abundance of meaning to the landscape. I explore the impact and connection we feel towards it by moving through and experiencing it. The loaded tension between movement and stillness - of the body in the landscape and the image produced of the landscape - is utilised while also being self-reflective on digital means of art creation.

In the Resurgence series one is confronted with a scene of movement vibrating throughout the landscape. The landscape is reformed by a mosaic-like pattern that generates an energetic rhythm across the scene of grass, rocks and ground. Questions of the hidden spiritual potential of the landscape comes to the fore and our connectedness towards it. The round forms emerging from the landscape reminds us of the contour lines found on a map that indicate land formations. This aspect alludes to our obsession with land and the current debates surrounding it.

In the midst of such squabbles, are we ignoring the force that will outlives us all? In the process, I want to remind the viewer of the deeply rooted impact the landscape still has on us. It is a force with redeeming as well as perilous attributes.

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Dimensions 200mm x 200mm x 37mm (WxHxD)
Material Wood base
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