String Theory - Body_Visible spectrum_ season 19

New Breed Art Block by Lesego Motsiri.
Artist: Lesego Motsiri
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As a means to communicate his understanding of the human being as a whole and also to attempt to educate the general public about esoteric knowledge, Lesego Motsiri uses string to suggest the idea of all (mind, body & aoul) human elements being as one. The works talk about the unity of the universe; that all things shape or form a dimension, are but one and the same, hence the title "string theory". Lesego Motsiri hopes that the viewer does not only get inspired by the works and their static beauty, but that "they also learn something about the hidden knowledge (esoteric knowledge) reserved for the minor groups in society."

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Dimensions 200mm x 200mm x 37mm (WxHxD)
Material Wood base
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