New Breed Art Block by Johan Diedericks.
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The three art blocks entitled Selfhandhawing, Sweef and Vroue, deal with the legacy of the Afrikaner history. These art blocks propose the exploration of what the perception of Afrikaner history might be in the future. In the past the great monuments such as the Voortrekker Monument, Nasionale Vrouemonument and MT Steyn’s statue at the University of the Free State provided meaning to Afrikaners. These symbols were accepted as the legacy of Afrikaners and South Africans in the past. Currently, social, economic, political, environmental and technological developments have started probing to what these symbols could mean in the 21st century and beyond. The concept looks at how alienated household names and history could become or could still stay just as prominent but in a different perspective than their original state. While doing research for these art blocks, I thought what Homo Sapiens or extra-terrestrial life consider the meaning of the current and future Afrikaner in its Quo Vadis state.

Sweef explores the concept of the Voortrekker monument in a new era. This monument honours the pioneering spirt and Afrikaners. The holy grail of what it means to be an Afrikaners is portrayed in the multitude of stone carvings and statues of the monument. A place where the sun shines a certain manner in a certain time of the year to commemorate important achievements of Afrikaners, Yet times have changed and the place of the Afrikaner’s identity in economic, cultural, political, linguistic, religious, behavioural, traditions and overall philosophy is changing. Is this monument just a captured environment of what the Afrikaner was or is it an ideal or seed which send the Afrikaner to the future? In this painting we can see the monument in snow globe drifting in the air. This represents where the monument is trying to go. The land is strewn with blood of South Africa. Not the crimes, but rather the pains of all cultures trying to give equal importance of their own culture. With the diversity in South Africa, comprises are made. This globe tries to protect the Afrikaner identity. The question is whether the globe will be removed. The orange root represents the evaporation of cultural roots of the Afrikaner. The times where the only dominant and perceived important culture was that of the Afrikaner in the 20th century, is now floating away to possible irrelevance. Note the that roots are still in tact. The green figure can be seen as a lollipop or unidentified flying object. The green symbol represents the new exploration of all cultures starting fresh and sucking up what they can find to best portray their identity. The light blue and dark skies demonstrate the futility of thinking that things will always stay the same. The pink stripe in the sky represents the shift in identity of all South Africans since 1994.

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Dimensions 200mm x 200mm x 37mm (WxHxD)
Material Wood base
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