The girl and the tree 2 (of 2)

New Breed Art Block by Katlego Mogoera.
Artist: Katlego Mogoera
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As a photographer, I create visual representations of what it is like to experience trauma and have to continue with your life.  The girl and the tree 1 and 2 are interconnected. I first took the photo of the girl, her head is held high regardless of her pain because that's how life is, you go through things that murder your soul and the next day you have to submit an assignment. "When I saw the tree it reminded me very much of what it feels like having to live life as if nothing happened. The tree is the only one that has no leaves among the others, but it is still standing."

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Dimensions 200mm x 200mm x 37mm (WxHxD)
Material Wood base
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